9 Ways to Stay Fit On a Tropical Island

Hawaii is home to a prevalent gym culture. On the mainland, people talk about how they must start getting their beach bodies ready around March. Here in Hawaii, we need our beach physique year-round. Ironically, the Maui beaches feature people of various body types.

This post will discuss Hawaii residents’ many options to stay in shape. Fitness and health are easier attained through variety than through monotony. It’s worth pointing out that we don’t talk about nutrition in this post. While food is vital to good health, this post aims to inspire you to exercise. We hope you enjoy 9 Ways to Stay Fit On a Tropical Island.

1. Running

Hawaii and Maui especially are great places to run. Our state host a vast number of world-renowned running events. It doesn’t snow here; even when it rains, it’s not too cold to run.

2. Walking / Hiking

Maui boasts some of the most beautiful and famous hikes in the world. I like to throw in at least one long walk per week to help me keep up with my fitness goals. A decent hiking pace will increase your heart rate to give cardiovascular benefits.

3. Biking

Maui boasts some excellent dirt biking trails. Road bikes can also be used in many flatter areas of Maui as a viable means of transportation. The island is also home to a vast selection of world-class biking racing and triathlons.

4. Swimming

Swimmers have many great options here. We have excellent access to public pools. If one is more adventurous, there are some great options in the open ocean. Being able to swim on Maui is a must if one doesn’t want to be left out on some of the best activities. Also, swimming is a prerequisite to just about any ocean-related activity.

5. Surfing

Surfing has been such a blessing throughout my life. I started around seven years old and will continue until seventy. One of the great blessings in my life has been to teach younger family members how to surf. If you are looking into surfing, it’s best to have access to someone who knows the ropes, as it can be hazardous for the inexperienced. It’s also to remember that surfing takes a lifetime to master, so don’t expect to be doing things that professionals do for a while.

6. Windsurfing / Kiteboarding / Foiling

Maui has some of the most exciting windsurfing conditions in the world. We attract people from all over the world. Again, starting this sport with someone who can mentor you is essential. I’ve had friends who were world-class windsurfers in near-fatal positions because of equipment failure. Don’t think you can skip being a beginner, and don’t go to spots you are not ready for.

7. Stand-up Paddle and Prone Paddle Boarding

SUP (stand-up paddle) boarding is maybe my favorite sport. I paddled professionally for a bit in my twenties. Maui has some of the best SUP locations in the world, but, again, please consider safety. I’ve known many a beginner than have nearly died from not taking the right precautions. Be aware of wind conditions. Most places on Maui see higher wind as the day progresses. Sometimes this change can go from no wind to 45mph in a few minutes so be prepared and do go too far from shore. Beginners should stay within 50 feet of the shore.

8. Snorkeling and Diving

While one doesn’t think of snorkeling and diving as a fitness activity, one will realize if they are not fit very quickly while diving.

9. Outrigger Canoe Paddling

Paddling is a beautiful sport. I can think of no better sport than engaging with Hawaii’s culture. The paddling community does an excellent job at passing down some of the beautiful traditions, preserving what makes Hawaii great for future generations. Suppose you feel alone on this island and would like to gain some fitness benefits simultaneously. Give Canoes a shot!

Mahalo for Reading

Hope you enjoy this post. Let us know in the comments what you thought. Farewell!