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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to make an appointment for an estimate?

  • We do recommend setting an appointment. Appointments generally last from 30 to 60 minutes. You are welcome to send us a message in the bottom right of this website.

How much is an estimate?

  • Estimates are free.

Are you open on weekends? Can I get an estimate after hours?

  • We are not open on weekends. However, feel free to send us a message in the bottom right of this website. If possibly we will reply. We recommend including a photo of your vehicle.

How long does it take to repair my vehicle?

  • Every repair comes with a possibility of setbacks. As we disassemble the vehicle we will have a more accurate estimate on the time required for a repair. On occasion, we discover previously unseen damage when we have a vehicle disassembled. Unforeseen damages can extend the time required to repair a vehicle. We assure you that we will contact you if we need additional time.

What are aftermarket parts?

  • Aftermarket parts are parts that are not manufactured by the original manufacturer of a vehicle. For example, if you bring in a honda and we repair your car with a part that was not made by Honda, then we are most likely using an aftermarket part.

Do you do glass replacement or chip repair?

  • Depending on the type of damage, we may or may not be a good fit to repair your windshield. Please send us a picture and we will let you know.

When can I wash my car?

  • After being repaired you are welcome to wash your car immediately, unless we say differently when you pick up your car.

Will my paint match?

  • We guarantee that your paint will match.

Will you use factory parts?

  • We have various methods of repair.  We most likely have access to more competitive rates than most individuals. Thus, if we use an original manufacturer part, we may be able to send you money on the part. It may be best to repair an existing part. On occasion, aftermarket parts are the best fit for the customers needs. We will go over these options with you at the estimation phase. All of our parts are pre-fitted.

What if my frame is bent?

  • With some of the latest cutting edge auto body repair techniques, we can occasionally work around bent frames. We will give your our professional and expert recommendations at the time of your estimate.

What does LKQ mean?

  • LKQ is an acronym which means: ‘like, kind, quality.’ We usually use the term LKQ in context when using salvage auto body parts.

What is PDR?

  • PDR is an acronym which means Paint-less Dent Removal. Occasionally, we will not need to replace an entire portion of the automobile’s body. This will save money.